Welcome to the Department of Research and Innovation Support (DRIS)

Here starts your NRF-DST internship. Welcome to our Department. We look forward to working with you this year.

On this page you will find a series of video and audio that forms the orientation pack to get you started on this internship experience.

The video below is a general introduction. Here I share with you practical issues such as office news, dress code, and internet and telephone use.

So let's get started.



Lunch spots:

  • Oom Gert's se Plek: 012 362 6811
  • Adlers: 012 362 8854
  • Tribeca Standard: 012 420 6886

Map of Campus


Session 1 - About the University of Pretoria and the Department of Research and Innovation Support

In this audio clip you will learn about the background of the University of Pretoria (UP). Because you will be working in research support, the emphasis is on research at UP. You will also learn about your new department - the Department of Research and Innovation Support (DRIS).




The following documents will be in your hard-copy orientation pack:

  • UP Strategic plan
  • 2014 Annual Report
  • 2014 Research Report
  • DRIS matrix
  • Details of your campus tour


Session 2 - About the Research Grants Management Division

This video provides an overview of the processes and services offered by the Research Grants Management Division.

Topics discussed in this video include:
  • High-level overview of research support services
  • An explanation of the four steps in the fundraising process
  • A detailed discussion of the different support services offered for each step in the fundraising process



Register as a user

Research Africa





Session 3 - How to get a personnel number and card

This session will explain the steps to get a UP personnel number as well as an access card. Note the documents that you will need to provide when you submit the request.


Contact person:
Sheila Mnisi
Room 1-87
Tel: ex. 2847
Email: sheila.mnisi@up.ac.za

Security Services: ex. 2310

Example of contract form for access card

Example of access card


Session 4 - How to set up a UP email account and where to arrange training on the Groupwise email system

This session consists of:
  • An audio recording explaining how to set up a UP email account and where to arrange training on the Groupwise system.
  • An audio presentation explaining how t o check the availability of DRIS meeting rooms on Groupwise and how to book one.
  • A video on how to insert a signature in your email.
The documents and contact details referred to in these recordings are under the resources section at the bottom of this session.

How to book a DRIS meeting room

How to insert a signature in Groupwise


IT Helpdesk: ex. 3051

Checklist for IT support:
  • Change desktop login details
  • Email address in linked to printer/scanner
  • Password for internet access
Contact person:
Elize Nagel
Email: elize.nagel@up.ac.za
Tel: ex. 3633


UP IT Training Schedule

Text for signature


Session 5 - How to register and access the UP Intranet, the Research Grants Management Collaboration Space, and request parking on campus


This session consists of audio that will provide general information as well as a video indicating the steps to follow. The following topics will be covered:
  • How to register on the UP Intranet
  • How to access your Groupwise account online
  • How to access the Collaboration Space
  • Where to apply for parking

General information on the Intranet, Collaboration Space, and arranging on-campus parking

Tour of the Intranet and Collaboration Space


To request access to the Collaboration Space, email: ninette.mouton@up.ac.za.

Session 6 - How to use the telephone

This audio and video explains how to use the telephone, and shares the different sources where you can search for telephone numbers.

General information on how to use the telephone

How to look for numbers on Groupwise


DRIS telephone list

UP switchboard #9


Session 7 - Additional software to download

The Research Grants Management Division uses additional software to manage its day-to-day projects, and to keep procedural checklists. The audio explains in more detail. The video provides a glance at what to expect from the software.

Detailed explanation

Evernote at a glance



Session 8 - How to gain access to the Library on the Hatfield Campus

For contract workers, access to the Library is not automatic. This audio explains how to request access to the Library.

Request library access

Session 9 - Available training at UP and courses you should register for

During this internship you will have the opportunity to attend a number of training sessions. Some of these will be presented at the NRF, and others here at UP. Remember an internship is about learning. Ideally you should attend as many of these as possible (and also as many as our budget permits).

This audio explains the different options available this year.

Available training


Session 10 - The work plan

This session consists of an audio as well as a video, and will provide you with an overview of your work plan.

General information on the work plan

Research Administrator work plan


Research Administrator work plan

Session 11 - The DST-NRF internship contract

This audio session will unpack the internship contract, specifically the following topics:
  • Work hours and overtime
  • Performance evaluation
  • Different types of leave
  • How to resign if you choose

NRF contact person:
Monwabisi Mfihlo
Tel: 012 481 4023
Email: monwabisi@nrf.ac.za

Contact person for Bestmed on Hatfield Campus:
Hantie Rottcher
Tel: 012 472 6000
Email: Hantier@bestmed.co.za

Session 12 - How to navigate the NRF system

This video provides an overview on how to navigate the NRF system and shares the steps on:
  • The monthly check-in
  • Uploading the work plan
  • Submitting leave
  • Submitting resignation


NRF Online Submission System

Contact person if you ever experience and problems with the NRF system:

Bettie de Beer
Tel: 012 481 4034
Email: bettie@nrf.ac.za