How to...

1. ...add a page

2. ...edit a page

3. ...Upload a document

4. ...insert a picture

5. ...upload a video

6. ...upload audio

7. ...edit audio

8. ...register users on the funding databases

9. ...send registration confirmation emails

10. daily, monthly, & general kpa tracking

11. ...approve funding opportunities

12. ...change page hierarchies

13. on social media through Hootsuite

14. ...use WeChat

Add a page

This video contains information on how to create a page on the website.

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Edit a page

This video features changing headings and creating anchors.

Note: To insert the break line in between sections, click on  icon.




Upload a document

This video describes how to upload a document, in the form of an attachment, onto the webpage.


How to insert a picture

Here you'll learn how to insert an image into the text body.



Upload a video

This video will show you how to upload a video onto the webpage. Since this CMS doesn't directly upload, the video needs to be uploaded onto a video platform (YouTube) and then embed it. The videos are uploaded through Ninette's profile. Login details are available on Evernote.



Upload audio

Here you'll learn how to upload audio through Soundcloud and Mixcloud.
Use Soundcloud for sound clips and Mixcloud for podcasts.


Edit audio

This video is a beginner's guide to using the audio editing software Audacity.



Daily, monthly, and general KPA tracking

This video takes you through how you do the tracking of users for the KPA report. 

Daily tracking refers to monitoring the number of people that visit this website on a daily basis. Go to to access the page.

Monthly and general KPA tracking refers to monitoring the number of users registered on the funding databases and how many times they use them to check for funding opportunities.

You will find a set of written instructions on Evernote to help you keep track when you are doing this.


Approving funding opportunities

In this video you will learn how to approve funding opportunities. These are the opportunities that are published in the Research Funding Bulletin and the UPResearch website. 

There is a style guide on Evernote explaining how the opportunities should be edited.


Changing page hierarchies

This video shows you how to rearrange and rename pages.


Post on social media using Hootsuite