• Early-career award for public engagement with science

    American Association for the Advancement of Science
    Early Career Award for Public Engagement with Science, recognizes early-career scientists and engineers who demonstrate excellence in their contribution to public engagement with science activities.
    Institue deadline: 2017/08/01   Fund deadline: 2017/08/15

  • Digitisation Services

    University of Pretoria Library Services
    The Open Scholarship and Digitisation programmes in the Merensky 2 Library offers a variety of digitisation services in support of research, research visibility, teaching and learning, digital archiving, and preservation. ·The Digi Office services support: ·300 dpi scanning of maps, artwork, photographs, etc up to A0 size format; ·scanning of articles, manuscripts, theses and dissertations; ·conversion from cassette and vinyl record to MP3; and ·scanning of public domain books to be hosted on the Internet archive and made available for downloading in PDF, Full text, DAISY, Kindle, EPUB and ABBYY formats. Please contact Dr Leti Kleyn at leti.kleyn@up.ac.za to make an appointment to discuss any potential projects.
    Institue deadline: 2022/12/30   Fund deadline: 2022/12/30
    This is no really a funding opportunity. It is an advertisement about a service that is offered by the University's library.