Grant Budget

What is UP’s institutional cost to include in my application’s budget?

Institutional (also known as indirect) cost is a line item included on project budgets through which the institution recoups expenses associated with the specific project. The costs will include expenses for human resource support, financial management support, security, insurance, fundraising and research support.

The University of Pretoria charges 10% of the total direct expenses on a project budget excluding all scholarships, bursaries and fellowships. This means that researchers who submit an application for funding must include 10% of the total project expenses (excluding the scholarships, bursaries and fellowships) as an institutional cost.

If an application is successful the research funding is paid over to the University the Department of Finance will deduct 10% on the received funding (excluding the scholarships, bursaries and fellowships) before the funds are transferred into the specific cost centre.

The following exceptions apply:

1. In cases where a funding agency explicitly states that the funder do not cover any institutional cost.

2. In cases where the funding agency covers an institutional cost at lower than 10%.
In these cases researchers should contact Ninette Mouton, Research Grants Manager (Tel: 012 420 3528; NINETTE.MOUTON@UP.AC.ZA) who will assist with the negotiation of institutional costs.

May we include remuneration for researchers in the application budget?

There are cases where researchers work on a project that fall outside the scope of their UP work or which they will have to complete in addition to their UP work (for example over weekends). In these cases the Principal Investigator may choose to include remuneration for these researchers over and above the researchers’ UP salary.

The remuneration is calculated at the researchers’ salary and based on the number of days/ hours that the researchers will dedicate towards the project. An additional 15% should be added to this total remuneration per researcher for work outside the normal scope of the researcher’s day-to-day UP responsibilities. This 15% is known as the salary subvention levy.

To access the funds the researcher will have to submit a claim through PeopleSoft. The Department of Finance will deduct the 15% salary subvention levy before settling the claim.

Researchers who will be conducting research as part of their UP work will not be remunerated through an additional claim.