South African Medical Research Council (SAMRC)

Changes to the MRC additional terms and conditions

These additional terms and conditions supplement the RCUK grant terms and conditions, and contain more detailed operational, legislative and ethical requirements relating to medical research. These now replace all existing versions of MRC grant/fellowship terms and conditions.

The following conditions have been removed:
• Good research practice
• Placing an award on hold
• Profiled payments
• Acknowledgements
• Research output and outcomes

The following conditions have been updated:
• Clinical trials:
- Added text stating that award holders must act in accordance with MRC policy on UK clinical trials
- Added a requirement for award holders to register MRC-funded trials with an International Standardised Randomised Control Trial Number and for this number to be added to RESEARCHFISH
- Added a requirement for the results of MRC-funded trials to be published without unreasonable delay
• Health departments’ research governance frameworks:
- Added text outlining requirement to comply with MRC policy on the health departments’ research governance frameworks
• Merged conditions ‘Use of Human Tissue’ and ‘Removal of Human Tissue’ into ‘Removal, Use or Storage of Human Tissue’.

A new condition on data sharing stating that award holders must comply with MRC policy on research data sharing along with the MRC policy on sharing of research data from population and patient studies has been added. See the additional terms and conditions document below for more information.


Download 2016 Call Schedule.xls

MRc additional terms and conditions