NRF Call Schedule

Some calls that were made/scheduled to be made/made late will not be finalised by the December 2015 due to factors beyond the control of the NRF. These primarily include the calls relating to international bi-laterals where the NRF is bound to the conclusion of agreements, the dates set by its external partners, and the availability of funds by these countries.

The affected calls include:
• India – SA Bilateral (the call has closed, outcomes in January 2016)
• Brazil (CNPq) – SA Bilateral (no call)
• Brazil (FAPESP) – SA Bilateral (no call)
• Argentina – SA Bilateral (no call)
• Oman – SA Bilateral (no call)

In addition:
• The funders for “Marine Research Grants” jointly with the research community embarked on the re-alignment of the funding instrument in line with the newly completed Marine and Antarctic Strategy (MARS). It is anticipated that a new call will be launched in 2016.
• The “Professional Development Programme” has been reviewed due to the impact and changes to labour legislation. A call will be opened in February 2016.
• The “Collaborative Postgraduate Training Grants” has been revised for better alignment of the grant awards to the academic year. A call will be opened in February 2016 allowing the grant holders to identify candidates in the latter half of the year ahead of the start of the academic year in which the students will be registered. 

See the Communique below for further details.

Download 2016 Call Schedule.xls

Download CALL COMMUNIQUE 3 OF 2015.pdf