Technology and Human Resource for Industry Programme (THRIP)

The Department of Research and Innovation Support’s (DRIS) Research Contract and Innovations Office, along with the national Department of Trade and Industry (dti), held a briefing session on the Technology and Human Resource for Industry Programme (THRIP).

THRIP was conceived to improve the competitive edge of South Africa’s industry. It aims to achieve this through the development and management of highly skilled people in research based technologies for industry. The Programme is positioned to support the first phases of the development of innovative technologies.

The dti is the new administrative partner of THRIP was previously run by the National Research Foundation (NRF). A few elements of THRIP have changed, for instance the primary applicant is now the industry stakeholders.

The presentation was done by Nkosiyabona Zungu, Director of THRIP at dti. Mthimunye discussed:

• The programme’s objectives and its priorities

• The mandatory conditions

• Which projects can qualify

• The funding criteria

• Costs of registration and litigation of patents

• The bursaries offered to students

• dti’s business process

• The Technology Innovation Promotion through the Transfer of People (TIPTOP) funding and Intellectual Property Rights (IPR)

The Programme closes for applications on 29 February 2016.


THRIP Guidelines.PP


Contact details:

• University of Pretoria
John Visagie, Research Contract and Innovations Office
Tel: 012 420 2263

• Department of Trade and Industry
Nkosiyabonga Zungu, THRIP Office
Tel: 012 394 5657

Visit the dti’s THRIP website.