H. Humphrey Programme information session



The H. Humphrey Programme information session was hosted by the Department of Research and Innovation Support (DRIS). The session, which was presented by Mr EJ Monster, Cultural Affairs Officer at the United States Embassy, covered everything related to the H Humphrey Programme.

I can speak briefly about the Humphrey Programme. I didn’t bring the materials for the Humphrey Programme. I apologise in advance.
But Margot and I also work on the Humphrey Programme.

Very quickly: the Fulbright visiting scholar programme and the Fulbright programme is very academic; Humphrey, not so much. Humphrey is a more practical sort of hands-on-experience type of programme. Humphrey is also one academic year in the US, also on the academic calendar of the US so from august until May. The main difference with Humphrey is that you spend the first semester on the campus of the university, a university that you do not get to choose.

So with the visiting scholar programme, you are applying with your choice of university in mind. Humphrey, we assign you to the university and there’s usually five or seven universities around the country that participate in the Humphrey programme based on certain fields. With Humphrey there are only certain academic fields in which you can apply. So all of that is on our website. You can take a look and see what those fields are. Law is one. As Ninette mentioned we have someone from the University of Pretoria law clinic, I think one of the law clinics or something, currently in the US on the Humphrey programme. So basically you go for one semester and you take courses at the university to update your theoretical knowledge on your topic of interest in your academic field.